About Prizdale Times

Prizdale Times isn’t just a school magazine or an online children’s magazine; it’s a beacon that spotlights the brilliance within the education fraternity. This dynamic platform is designed for students, teachers, principals, and schools to not only exhibit their talents and accomplishments but also to champion innovative approaches and avant-garde ideas.

But that’s not all! It’s also a hub of knowledge where you’ll discover the latest in news, upcoming events, thrilling competitions, insightful webinars, enriching learning materials, and invaluable examination tips.

If you have an intriguing tale to tell, a poem that tugs at the heartstrings, an artistic masterpiece, a craft that defies convention, a musical composition that resonates, a book review that sparks curiosity, a travel blog that transports, an article that enlightens, a photograph that captures a moment, an award that deserves applause, or any noteworthy news – we want to hear from you! Your creations can find a home within our pages.

Additionally, we’re eager to spotlight the achievements of your school, champion its innovative practices, and delve into the profound musings of your principal on a myriad of subjects.

Calling students from esteemed institutions! Become a “Young Reporter” and take on the exhilarating role of selecting, editing, and refining stories and articles submitted not only by your peers but also from students across diverse educational establishments.

We’re not just content with being good; we strive to be exceptional. Do you believe there are additional sections and topics that could further enhance our vibrancy? Could a collaborative story-writing endeavor be initiated, where one school sets the stage, and another continues the narrative? Might we forge a community of eloquent speakers within a particular city? Could we orchestrate an exhilarating inter-state competition, hosted by a school?

The canvas is wide open, and your suggestions and ideas are the palette that will paint our future. Keep the conversation alive. Share, discuss, and inspire.

Kindly support and connect with us on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Together, let’s amplify the voice of education!


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