New Delhi World Book Fair 2024

The Beacon of Literary Harmony

In the heart of India’s capital, the 52nd New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF) unfolded at Bharat Mandapam, manifesting as a grand celebration of linguistic diversity and literary traditions. Inaugurated by Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, the fair, themed ‘Multilingual India: A Living Tradition’, emerged as a vibrant testament to the enduring power of literature in bridging cultures and fostering mutual understanding.

Celebrating India’s Linguistic Diversity

At the core of the NDWBF was the celebration of India’s linguistic plurality. The theme, chosen with an eye towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for a developed India by 2047, highlighted the role of language and literature as pillars of cultural identity and knowledge. The fair became a melting pot of languages, showcasing literature in all forms and dialects, from the ancient to the contemporary, underlining the theme’s relevance and importance.

Launches and Initiatives

Key highlights of the fair included the launch of several initiatives aimed at promoting literacy and accessibility:

  • National e-Library for Children and Adolescents: This digital platform marked a significant step towards making a wide range of non-academic books accessible in multiple languages, catering to the diverse linguistic fabric of India.
  • E-Jaadui Pitara: An e-learning platform that employs AI to translate stories, puzzles, and riddles into 22 languages, enhancing early childhood education by making learning engaging and fun.
  • Special Modules and Resources: The introduction of resources aligned with the NEP 2020, like Viksit Bharat and Nari Shakti Vandan, underscored the commitment to educational reform and social empowerment.

A Global Literary Conclave

The selection of Saudi Arabia as the guest country added a global dimension to the fair, facilitating a rich exchange of literary and cultural traditions. This international collaboration not only enriched the fair’s offerings but also underscored the universal language of literature as a tool for fostering global understanding and peace.

The Heartbeat of the Fair: Events and Pavilions

  • Theme Pavilion: A deep dive into the multilingual tradition of India, showcasing the linguistic diversity and literary richness of the nation.
  • Children’s Pavilion: Interactive sessions, workshops, and contests aimed at sparking a love for reading among young minds.
  • YUVA Corner: A platform celebrating the vibrancy of young Indian authors, highlighting the fresh voices shaping the future of Indian literature.
  • Authors’ Corners and Rights Table: Forums for intellectual exchange, discussions, and the negotiation of literary rights, reflecting the dynamic and evolving nature of the publishing world.

Bridging Literary Worlds

The fair’s extensive schedule of cultural programs and the CEOSpeak forum for publishing professionals illustrated the multifaceted nature of the literary ecosystem. These events served as bridges, connecting the past with the future, the local with the global, and the reader with the author in a shared space of literary appreciation and dialogue.

Fostering International Relations and Cultural Exchange

The NDWBF 2024, with Saudi Arabia as the guest country, served as a vibrant platform for international cultural exchange. It underscored the mutual literary and cultural appreciation between India and Saudi Arabia, enhancing diplomatic ties and fostering a global literary dialogue.

Visitor Information

Spanning February 10-18, 2024, at Pragati Maidan, the fair welcomed book lovers of all ages. With nominal entry fees and free access for certain groups, it ensured inclusivity, reflecting the ethos of accessibility and openness that the fair championed.

The 52nd New Delhi World Book Fair stood as a beacon of knowledge, culture, and unity, inviting a global audience to partake in the shared joy of literature and learning. It underscored the power of books to transcend boundaries, fostering a world that appreciates diversity and thrives on the exchange of ideas. As the fair concluded, it left a lasting legacy, promising to inspire and nurture future generations of readers and thinkers towards a literate, inclusive, and culturally rich society.

Credits: Press Information Bureau, National Book Trust

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