FICCI Arise School Education Conference 2023

Dr Arun Prakash

New Delhi, December 12, 2023: The FICCI Arise School Education Conference 2023 in New Delhi has indeed been a transformative event, marking a significant milestone in the journey of educational innovation and policy advocacy in India. Organized by the illustrious FICCI Alliance for Re-Imagining School Education (ARISE), the conference featured a series of masterclasses conducted by prominent entities including “I AM A Teacher,” “Ernst and Young,” and “LoEstro Advisors,” each bringing a unique perspective to the emerging trends and challenges in the realm of school education.

The Legacy and Vision of FICCI ARISE

As the voice of India’s business and industry for over 90 years, FICCI has been a stalwart in the Indian business landscape. FICCI ARISE, a pivotal arm of this organization, represents a collegium of diverse stakeholders in school education. This includes high-quality independent schools, eminent educators, civil society representatives, think tanks, and technical experts. The alliance is passionately dedicated to elevating the quality of learning outcomes across schools and championing inclusive education.

Networking and Collaboration: The Heart of FICCI ARISE

At the core of FICCI ARISE is the platform it provides for networking. Educators and leaders from diverse backgrounds converge here to share insights and collaborate on educational initiatives. The School Education Conference epitomizes this spirit, uniting thought leaders committed to redefining educational paradigms.

Masterclass I: AI in Education
The first session embarked on an explorative journey into the intersection of AI and education. Focused on practical applications, the session highlighted how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing teaching methodologies. School leaders delved into strategies for creating AI-ready environments, emphasizing the need for adaptive policies. A notable highlight was the demonstration of AI tools like ChatGPT, illustrating their potential in enhancing educational practices. The session concluded with a vital discussion on the ethical and socio-emotional aspects of AI, shaping the future of learning in the AI era.

Masterclass II: Ethical AI in Education
Balancing the benefits and risks, the second session underscored the ethical dimensions of AI in education. Participants engaged in discussions about the responsibilities and risks associated with AI, emphasizing the need for policies that align AI practices with societal values. The session brought to the fore the perspectives of various stakeholders, including teachers, students, parents, and school leaders, fostering a comprehensive understanding of AI’s socio-emotional impact in educational settings.

Masterclass III: Data Protection in Education

The third session was a deep dive into the India Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023, a crucial aspect for the education sector. Discussions centered on crafting and implementing Data Privacy Policies and Notices, with a special focus on children’s data protection and Cross-Border Data Transfer. The session provided a roadmap for educational organizations to navigate the complex landscape of data management, retention, and deletion, highlighting the unique challenges and opportunities in the context of education.

Masterclass IV: Brand Building in Education
The final session catered to marketers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders, focusing on the art of building and sustaining credible educational brands. The session underscored the critical role of trust in brand building, offering insights into crafting compelling narratives and effective messaging strategies. Participants left with a clear understanding of how to enhance their brand’s authenticity, ensuring it captures attention and earns lasting trust and loyalty.

The Impact and Way Forward

The FICCI Arise School Education Conference 2023 has been a confluence of ideas, innovation, and collaboration, offering a platform for educators and leaders to shape the future of education in an era defined by technological advancements and evolving societal values.

The masterclasses by “I AM A Teacher,” “Ernst and Young,” and “LoEstro Advisors” have been especially impactful, providing attendees with in-depth knowledge and practical strategies in their respective areas of expertise.

FICCI ARISE’s commitment to being a catalyst for change in the educational sector has been palpable throughout the event. The insights and discussions from the conference are set to influence educational policies and practices across the country significantly.

It’s clear that FICCI ARISE continues to be a champion for reimagining education. The transformative policies and practices discussed are expected to shape the future of education in India, reflecting the integrated approach to AI, ethical considerations, data protection, and brand identity.

Featured Picture: Mr. Manit Jain, Co-Founder and Director of The Heritage Group of Schools, conducting Master Class I. Credits: Prizdale

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