NIPUN Bharat aims to cover learning needs of children

The federal education ministry has launched a National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Understanding and Numeracy, or NIPUN Bharat, to ensure foundational literacy and numeracy to every child by the end of Grade 3.

The programme, to be completed by 2026-27, will focus on providing access and retaining children in foundational years of schooling, teacher capacity building, development of high quality and diversified student and teacher resources and learning materials, and tracking the progress of each child in achieving learning outcomes, according to a press release by the ministry.

The goals of the mission are set in the form of Lakshya Soochi, or Targets for Foundational Literacy and Numeracy. The Laskhyas are based on the learning outcomes developed by the NCERT and international research and ORF studies. For example, a child should be able to read 45 to 60 words per minute and at least 60 words per minute correctly by the end of Grade 2 and 3 respectively from an age appropriate unknown text with comprehension and clarity.

The NIPUN Bharat mission envisages that the implementation of its goals and objectives will improve transition rate from primary to upper primary and secondary stages, boost quality of education, have positive impacts on later life outcomes and employment, benefit the socio-economic disadvantageous group, and ensure access to equitable and inclusive quality education.

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