Northeast Festival 2024: Jan 13-17 at New Delhi

The Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, in collaboration with North Eastern Handicrafts & Handlooms Development Corporation Limited (NEHHDC), is gearing up to host the first edition of “Uttar Purvi Mahotsav 2024” from January 13th to 17th at Bharat Mandapam, Pragati Maidan. This five-day cultural extravaganza promises to be a vibrant showcase of the rich diversity of Northeast India, blending traditional arts, crafts, and cultures under one spectacular umbrella​​.

This inaugural event, meticulously curated to represent the cultural mosaic of Northeast India, will transcend a mere celebration, offering a jubilant exploration of the region’s rich cultural fabric and economic possibilities. The festival’s grand finale, scheduled for January 17th, will feature a musical performance by the rock band Bottle Rockets India and a showcase of the musical talents of singer and violinist Sunita Bhuyan. Throughout the festival, attendees can experience a variety of traditional dances such as the Wangala Dance of Meghalaya, the Mungwanta Dance of Nagaland, the Bamboo Dance of Mizoram, the Bihu Dance of Assam, and performances by renowned artists like the Tetseo Sisters and Shankuraj Konwar​​.

Uttar Purvi Mahotsav 2024: Schedule of Events

Venue: Bharat Mandapam, Pragati Maidan, Nw Delhi

Date: 13/01/2024 | Timing: 3 pm Onwards

OPENING SHOW3.5 HoursAuditorium
Wangala Dance of Meghalaya8 MinutesAuditorium
Hojagiri Dance of Tripura8 MinutesAuditorium
Mungwanta Dance of Nagaland8 MinutesAuditorium
Tangtha Fight – Manipur8 MinutesAuditorium
Poonung Nero Amming Maya of Adi Community of Arunachal Pradesh8 MinutesAuditorium
Bamboo Dance of Mizoram8 MinutesAuditorium
Lion Dance of Sikkim8 MinutesAuditorium
Bihu Dance of Assam8 MinutesAuditorium
Tetseo Sisters1.5 HoursAuditorium
STAR PERFORMER > Shankuraj Konwar1.5 Hours (6 pm to 8:30 pm)Hall 14

Date: 14/01/2024 | Timing: 5 pm Onwards

Satriya Dance of Assam10 MinutesHall 14
Hojagiri Dance of Tripura10 MinutesHall 14
Fashion Show1.5 Hours (6 pm to 7 pm)Hall 14

Date: 15/01/2024 | Timing: 5 pm Onwards

Ricky Chhakhhuak & Band – Mizoram10 MinutesHall 14
Lion Dance of Sikkim10 MinutesHall 14
Lily – Solo Performance (Meghalaya)1 Hour (6 pm to 7 pm)Hall 14

Date: 16/01/2024 | Timing: 5 pm Onwards

Ricky Chhakhhuak & Band – Mizoram1 Hour (5 pm to 6 pm)Hall 14
BASAV Music (Manipur)1 Hour (6 pm to 7 pm)Hall 14

Date: 17/01/2024 | Timing: 5pm Onwards

Rocket Bottles India (Closing)1.5 Hours (5 pm to 6:30 pm)Hall 14
STAR PERFORMER > Sunita Bhuyan1 Hour (7 pm to 8 pm)Hall 14

In addition to the cultural performances, Uttar Purvi Mahotsav will serve as a platform for exhibiting the unique aspects that make the Northeast region a cultural jewel. The festival aims to present an array of exquisite handcrafted products, handloom & textiles, sustainable handicrafts, and a bouquet of Geographical Indication (GI) products, including indigenous fruits and organic products from Northeast India​​.

Highlights of the cultural showcase include the Satriya Dance of Assam, the Hojagiri Dance of Tripura, the Tangtha Fight from Manipur, and the Lion Dance of Sikkim. A fashion show featuring Northeastern style and creativity is also part of the lineup. Music enthusiasts can look forward to performances by a band from Mizoram and soulful tunes from Manipur​​.

This festival is not just a celebration of culture but also a vital opportunity for the rest of India to understand and assimilate with the northeast, recognizing its contributions to our collective heritage and future. The Prizdale Times encourages readers to participate in this enriching experience, embracing the diversity and vibrancy of India’s North Eastern states.

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