Parina Gets Inspiration From People and Environment Around Her

Parina Jain

Parina Jain, a budding young artist, demonstrates maturity in her paintings. She experiments with vibrant colours and selects a wide variety of themes, ranging from abstract to objects to spiritual. Her choice of colours immediately grabs attention. Her shades, especially the intelligent way of applying black, add life to her paintings.    

A grade 10 student of Shiv Nadar School, Gurugram, Parina enjoys reading, writing, playing the piano, and of course painting. “I am inspired by the people and the environment around me. In my artwork, I attempt to study daily objects and portray them with a little flair,” she says. “Discovering new writers and artists, as well as admiring their works, inspires me to continually attempt new things and experiment with my own work.”

How Could I Get My Work Published?

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