Kashvi’s Poems Reflect Deep and Beautiful Thoughts

Amateur novelist and budding poet Kashvi Shah is just 8 years old, but her imagination has no boundaries and her writings show that she has a very promising future. She has got a wide range and it seems that every line appears on the paper after deep thoughts. Kashvi, who got inspired by the writings of Sudha Murthy, is very inquisitive by nature. Kashvi’s mother first introduced her to poems, and she started writing small poems. Later she got hooked to it and began penning longer poems. She has written several poems and novels and wants to become a poetess.

“I belong to a happy family. I love them a lot. I will focus on my goal to fulfil my dreams and with their blessings, guidance and inspirations, I am sure my dreams will come true,” says Kashvi, who is a student of The Green Acres Academy, Mumbai.

Mother Nature

Don’t kill animals 
For they also feel pain just like humans;
Don’t cut trees 
Or else you will not have oxygen to breathe.

Don’t pluck a flower
As it is an error;
Don’t be selfish and mean 
Keep your neighbourhood clean;

Be kind with every creature
Follow the rules of nature;
There are many beautiful things in nature
I hope they will also be there in future;

I wish natural calamities won’t come
I pray that earthquakes, cyclones, floods, don’t happen;
I love my mother earth
I want everyone to get a pure birth.

Happy Rakshabandhan

We trust each other
We will be together
I will always be by your side
You will be my true guide.

You are like my mother
You are like my father
Our love will always come true
Our relationship will have good values.

We all are caring
We all are loving
We all are helpful
We all will be joyful.

I respect you so much
Our faith will grow in a bunch
Our love will not end
You are my best friend.

You are always fair
May you be blessed with love and care
In life we will have a lot of fun
Dear brother and sister, Happy Rakshabandhan!

Friendship with Animals

I go to the farm each fine day
To meet the animals that love to play
For them I sing a song
To make them glad for long.

I find my farm very beautiful
There I play with them, including a bull
To be with them I have the best mood
To eat I give them healthy food.

I am always kind to them
I give them shelter under a shady stem
The animals love it
In their houses they like to sit.

When they fall sick I treat them as a vet
When they heal they love the happiness they get
To say thank you they never hurt me
That’s how compassionate they can be.

Sam’s Sweet Adventures

Sam loves all the sweets
He doesn’t like any fruits and vegetables including beets;

His favourite sweets were cookies and candies
His mother told him too many sweets he shouldn’t eat;

One day his mom went outside
He found his favourite cookie jar on the shelf side;

To reach the cookies he used a stool
To take the cookie jar he used his hands as a tool;

He ate all the cookies
Next day he fell ill because of eating too many sweets;

His mother asked him why he was feeling unwell
She gave him some medicine to get well;

He felt better by eating the medicine
His mother told him that her advice he should have listened;

Now he keeps in mind his mom’s suggestion
And promised he won’t do anything without her permission.


There is corona virus all over the world
About it people have learned
Coronavirus may or may not heal
If people get it how sad they feel.

It is not in the sky
If it does not heal you will die
It is stuck on a thing or a human being
It looks like the crown of a king.

Wash your hands with soap and water
Teach this to your son and daughter
Make your body fit
Be brave and fight with it.

Everyone is at home
As there is lockdown
Some people are happy
Some people frown.

Nobody goes to play on swings
But still lockdown teaches us the best things
People have fun with their family
By playing with joy and glee.

People have learned to live with limited things
They have adjusted with whatever life brings
People have learned not to feel low
By singing and dancing on a nice tune.

People are hopeful
That everything will be okay soon!!!

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