Multiverse Madness

By Adih Gupta

Class VI, SNS Noida


10…. 9…. 8…. 7…. 6…. 5…. 4…. 3…. 2…. 1……BOOOM!!!
And the Apollo 20 was launched.

Several years back in time, Apollo 20 roamed across the multiverse. A curious boy and a crazy scientist who never wanted to get up from his chair were on-board. The multiverse was three planets which were immensely large. The boy and the scientist were on a mission to explore these three universes aka planets.

The boy was enthusiastic and excited to explore the three different worlds in front of him. There was a green and blue planet named Earth. It gave out a refreshing aroma. The boy always wondered what was releasing that aroma and that’s why he wanted to go there.

There was another world – it was called the Gameverse. It sent out multiple signals of networks and used as much energy as a star uses in a day. The boy wondered how they managed to use so much energy. He was very eager to go there too.

Then there was the Metaverse which looked like a giant computer screen. It was invented by Mark Zuckerberg. The boy did not like it at all as he thought there should be physical connections instead of virtual ones. He never wanted to go there.

One day the scientist wanted to conduct an experiment on the Gameverse planet. The boy was so thrilled that he almost had tears and pinched himself to check if he was not day dreaming. He was finally going to see how they used so much energy.

The spaceship travelled to the Gameverse. When he got there, he saw that everyone was playing video games and they had physical friends too. He was stunned to see such a cool world.

While the scientist was conducting the experiment and was using an atomic chemical, he got distracted by a video game called Call of Duty Warzone. Call of Duty Warzone was a game in which there were 150 players alive and they battle it out, and the last player standing wins. They game was hard to win and the person he was watching was about to win. He was totally engrossed in the game and paid no attention to the bottle in his hand. He accidently poured the whole bottle and caused a Supernova!!!!!!!

 The cosmic energy shift from the Supernova was so immense that everyone on that planet was automatically shifted to another universe. The boy found himself in the Metaverse- the universe he disliked the most.

The scientist was ashamed of himself because he got distracted due to a game and caused something so catastrophic and concluded that he should be the one to find the solution as the problem was caused due to him. He had a flashback of what the boy had said he would do to merge the three worlds if he ever got a chance. So the scientist started to combine all the universes together by using a Kilinova (a Kilinova is a when two neutron stars fuse into each other and it’s two times stronger than a supernova).

The scientist managed to find a neutron star near Earth and another one close by. He converged them together and created the Kilinova. A tremendous amount of energy was released. All the people on Earth had shivers up their spine. People on the Gameverse had a fiery smell slide up their nose. People on the Metaverse felt all their hair stand up. It set the scientist ablaze. He died but not before making everything right, where the three universes became one.

Before dying the scientist left a note for the boy. It said “One day you will become the greatest scientist and will be called Einstein.”

This story is the result of The Writer’s Workshop, conducted by Nidhi Saini, author, communication skills trainer, emotional clarity coach and confidence consultant.


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