Paintings of Jay Revolve Around the Nature

Paintings by young artist Jay are always bright. He focuses on the nature and loves using acrylic colours to paint on canvas so that it could be shiny. Jay touches several topics because of his love foe the nature, but likes sunrises and sunsets. Below are some of his recent art work. y, The young artist has just completed his 9th birthday, Jay also likes writing poems.

Painting by young artist Jay

Painting by young artist Jay

Art works of some other young artists could be seen here. More about young artists here.

How Could I Be Featured on Prizdale Times?

If you wish to get featured on Prizdale Times, you could send your stories, poems, blogs, photographs, craft works, drawings and paintings, or videos of classical dances, playing musical instruments or singing classical or semi-classical songs. You need to be a student of up to class XII and send your work to submit@prizdaletimes.com and prizdaletimes@gmail.com. We would also like to have your picture; some basic details such as name, school, email, contact number, and most-importantly an editable Microsoft Word word document with your brief biodata, a write-up about yourself and highlights of your work and a picture. After all, we wish to showcase you and your great work to the world.

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