Poem – Gentle Giant Pea

Gentle Giant Pea Called Martin

A gentle giant pea,
Was sitting on a key,
The key was made of wood,
That floated in the sea with food!

Once a ferocious fly,
Was flying in the sky,
The fly saw the pea called Martin,
And tried to gobble it like a raisin!

But there is someone already,
Isn’t it a bee, called Freddie?
Both fought and fought and fought,
But could not get the pea they sought!

Freddie got Martin and took to the yard
The fly chased hard but bumped into a shard,
The fly was determined to get the gentle pea,
By snatching it from the clutches of the bee!

The poor giant pea found a way to escape,
Jumped on a board that was round in shape,
The board was kept on a fast moving ship,
And that’s how martin could give them a slip!

Freddie got mad in a bout of rage
The fly went through a very bad phase
“Come for a glass of wine little chap”
But Martin didn’t fall in that silly trap!

(Penned by Jay of Class 4)

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