Prizdale Talent Hunt: Unleash Your Inner Star

Attention all young and talented children! Prizdale Times, the renowned online children’s online magazine, is thrilled to announce the 2023 edition of the Prizdale Talent Hunt. This exhilarating online competition is designed exclusively for children from grades I to IX, providing them with a platform to display their unique abilities and captivating acts. Whether you have a hidden talent waiting to be discovered or a special skill that sets you apart, this is your chance to shine! So grab your smartphones or video devices and get ready to showcase your creativity, passion, and talent to the world.

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To take part, aspiring participants must register by paying a nominal fee plus taxes. The registration deadline is June 30, 2023, (date extended due to school holidays) so make sure to secure your spot in this exciting competition.

Once registered, participants will receive a Google Form link within two days, enabling them to upload their one-minute videos. The focus of these competition videos should revolve around children’s unique talents, special acts, or any remarkable performances they can offer. Be it singing, dancing, sports, musical performances, nursery rhymes, mimicry, poem recitals, aerobics, crafts, juggling, sewing, or any other skill you possess, the possibilities are endless. Unleash your imagination and let your talent take center stage!

Viral Potential and Recognition:

All acts will be reviewed by an esteemed panel of judges and winning entries will be published on the Prizdale Times magazine and social media platforms. Who knows, your video might just go viral, opening doors to incredible opportunities in the entertainment industry, such as offers from movies and television. So don’t miss out on this chance to showcase your talent and make a lasting impression!

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Participants must create an exclusive piece of work specifically for the Prizdale Times Talent Hunt 2023. Previously published or uploaded works are not eligible.
  • Participants must adhere to national and international copyright rules to avoid disqualification.
  • To confirm that the video is exclusively created for this event, participants must speak the word “Prizdale” at the start or end of their performance. This can be as simple as saying “Hello Prizdale Times” or “Thank You Prizdale.” It is crucial that these words are spoken and not added as titles or subtitles within the video. This requirement, though removable during editing, ensures the authenticity of your submission.
  • Videos MUST be recorded in the portrait (vertical) format via a smartphone or any other digital video device (For example the format used by TikTok, YouTube Shorts and Instragram Reels).
  • The maximum length of the video should be one minute.
  • Use a simple and uncluttered background while recording your video.
  • The light should fall on the actor from the front, and not behind.
  • The videos must be in popular video formats, preferably MP4, MOV, FLV or AVI.
  • The video quality should ideally be Full HD.
  • Last date of registration is June 30, 2023 (date extended).

Medals and E-Certificates:

The Prizdale Talent Hunt 2023 aims to acknowledge exceptional talent in each category. The top three participants from Grades I to III, Grades IV to VI, and Grades VII to IX will be awarded medals as a symbol of their remarkable performances. Additionally, all participants will receive e-certificates via email to commemorate their participation and showcase their achievements.

Consent and Publicity:

Parents or guardians play a vital role in supporting their children’s dreams. Therefore, it is essential for participants to seek their consent before submitting their entries. By filling and submitting the Google Form and participating in the talent hunt, parents give their consent for the use of their child’s name, pictures, videos, and submitted work for publicity purposes. Prizdale Group, Prizdale Times, Prizdale Learning, and other sister companies will have the rights to the submitted creative work.

Final Decisions:

The judges’ decisions in determining the winners and top acts will be final. Their expertise and impartiality ensure fair judgment throughout the competition.

Incredible Opportunities

The Prizdale Talent Hunt 2023 presents an incredible opportunity for talented children to showcase their exceptional skills and gain recognition on a grand stage. Let your talent shine, embrace your creativity, and create a one-of-a-kind video that reflects your unique abilities. Register now and submit your videos before June 15, 2023, to secure your chance to be part of this prestigious event. Don’t miss this chance to become the next viral sensation! Remember, with Prizdale Talent Hunt, the possibilities are limitless!

To register, visit our sister website www.prizdalelearning.com. We can’t wait to witness your extraordinary talent at the Prizdale Talent Hunt 2023!

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