Prizdale Online English Handwriting Competition 2023

Prizdale Times, an online school magazine for young minds, is happy to organize the Prizdale English Handwriting Competition 2023. This exciting competition is open to students from Class I to VIII, inviting them to wield their pens and pencils with creativity and precision.

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Key Highlights:

  • The competition is categorized into different age groups, ensuring a level playing field for all participants
  • Medals for top three winners in each group
  • E-Certificates for every participant
  • A nominal entry fee of Rs. 180/- to cover admin charges
  • Last date: December 11, 2023

General Handwriting Competition Rules:

  • Entries must be submitted on A4 size white paper. This standard ensures uniformity and a fair judging process
  • Either a black pencil or a black/blue pen could be used for entries
  • Participants are required to take a clear and high-resolution photograph of their handwriting and submit via the Google Form shared after registration
  • NOTE: Participants may also send a picture of them holding and prominently showing his or her handwriting work. Although, this is optional, a good-quality picture of the participant could be added on the Prizdale Times website and help boost the contestant’s profile.
  • You need to submit only one page of your entry. You don’t need to copy the entire text given at the bottom of this page. You need to select one of the three samples
  • Emphasis is placed on the neatness and beauty of the handwriting. Judges will be looking for well-formed letters, consistent spacing, and an overall visually appealing presentation

How to Participate:

  • Click here to register and pay. (This will open a new window of Prizdale Learning, a website of the Prizdale Group for safe and secure payment).
  • After successful registration, you will receive a Google Form link via your registered email (it’s not instant. You will receive the link after a day or two following the registration).
  • Participants are required to write for the competition based on the sample text at the end of the page. Writing any other text will not be allowed.
  • You will need to take a clear picture of your entry by a phone or a camera, or scan, and upload the picture via the Google form.
  • Please note that there is no online live competition on a set date. You need to write when you get time, and upload before the deadline.
  • Prizdale Group, Prizdale Times, Prizdale Learning, and its other sister companies may publicise and poularise entries received for the competition through newspapers, advertisements, social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and Instagram, and other publicity mediums. Participation in the competition will mean that parents are giving their consent to use names of the participants and their schools, and their art work for publicity.


1. Discovering the Magic of Mahatma Gandhi

Once upon a time, in a land filled with colours and stories, there lived a man named Mahatma Gandhi. He was not like a superhero with a cape or magical powers, but he had something even more special – the power of peace and kindness.

Mahatma Gandhi loved to wear simple clothes, like a dhoti and a shawl. He believed that simplicity made people closer to each other. He had round glasses that perched on his nose, and a big smile that could warm even the coldest hearts.

Now, Mahatma Gandhi had a secret weapon – his words. He spoke about love, peace, and fairness. He told everyone that being kind and gentle was like having a superpower that could change the world.

One day, he had a brilliant idea. He thought, “What if we show our strength not with fists, but with love?” And so, he led a movement called “Satyagraha,” which means fighting for truth with love. It was like a magical spell that made people come together, hand in hand, for a better world.

Mahatma Gandhi also loved spinning on a small wheel called a charkha. He said it was a way to show that everyone, no matter how small, can make a big difference. Just like tiny ants working together to move big things, people could join hands to create a world full of love and peace.

But Mahatma Gandhi didn’t just talk the talk; he walked the walk. He did amazing things, like leading a march to the sea to make his own salt. Why? Because he believed that everyone should be treated fairly, and that included something as simple as salt!

Even when faced with challenges, Mahatma Gandhi stood strong. He showed the world that kindness and courage could defeat even the biggest problems.

The tale of Mahatma Gandhi is a story of a gentle hero who believed in the power of love and showed that even small acts of kindness could change the world. Let his story be a guiding light for us all, inspiring us to spread love, stand up for what is right, and make the world a better, brighter place.

2. The Magic of Kindness: A Story for Little Hearts

In a cozy town where sunshine painted the sky in warm hues, there lived a group of friends who discovered something truly magical — the power of kindness. Meet Lily, Timmy, and their furry companion, Whiskers the cat.

One sunny day, as they played near a bubbling brook, Lily noticed a little bird with a broken wing. With a heart full of kindness, she gently scooped up the tiny creature and cradled it in her hands. Timmy, seeing his friend’s compassion, rushed over with a soft blanket to keep the bird warm. They knew that kindness wasn’t just for people; it was for every living thing.

As they continued their adventures, they stumbled upon a field of wildflowers. Whiskers purred with delight, and the children decided to spread seeds so that the flowers could grow even more beautiful. They learned that being kind to nature meant taking care of the trees, flowers, and all the little creatures that called the outdoors their home.

One day, they met Mr. Johnson, an elderly man who lived next door. He shared stories of his youth and the importance of friendship and kindness. The friends decided to help him with his garden, realizing that being kind to people, especially the elderly, was just as magical as being kind to animals and nature.

The magic of kindness didn’t stop there. Every night, Lily, Timmy, and Whiskers gathered under the twinkling stars to talk about their day. They discovered that even small acts of kindness, like sharing toys or saying kind words, created ripples of joy in the world.

The friends learned that kindness was like a special potion that made hearts happy. It was a language that everyone, big or small, could understand. And as they continued spreading kindness, their town became a brighter, happier place.

So, dear little ones, remember the magic of kindness. Be kind to your friends, to the animals that share our planet, and to the beautiful nature that surrounds us. In every act of kindness, you’ll discover the enchanting power to make the world a better and more magical place for everyone.

3. My Amazing Mom: A Tale of Love and Magic

In a land of giggles and bedtime stories, there’s a superhero who wears the most wonderful cape – my mom! She’s not a superhero like in comics; she’s even better. Let me tell you why my mom is the best.

Firstly, her hugs are like magic spells that make everything okay. When I’m sad or scared, she wraps me in her arms, and suddenly, the world feels cozy and safe. It’s like having a warm blanket made of love.

My mom is a master chef. She creates the yummiest sandwiches with funny shapes, turning lunchtime into a tasty adventure. We giggle over sandwiches that look like smiling stars and playful dinosaurs. It’s our secret recipe for joy.

But that’s not all – my mom is an artist too! We sit together, and she draws the most fantastic doodles. Sometimes, she even lets me join in, and together we create colorful masterpieces that make our fridge the coolest art gallery in town.

Bedtime stories with my mom are like traveling to magical lands. She reads with funny voices and adds sparkle to each word. It’s the best part of the day because, in her stories, anything is possible.

My mom is my biggest cheerleader. Whether I’m learning to tie my shoes or building a tower of blocks, she claps her hands and celebrates each small victory. It makes me feel like a superhero myself!

So, you see, my mom is not just the best – she’s my everyday superhero, making ordinary moments extraordinary with love, laughter, and lots of magical hugs.

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